21 point Preventative Maintenance Checkup

Check refrigerant pressures and look for visible oil leaks around condenser and evap coil Calculate sub-cooling and superheat in the system. Check motor and pulleys, lubricate bearings on blower shafts if needed. If the motor has grease cert, add grease to bearings. Ensure bearings have no side to side play and smooth rotation. Check beltsContinue reading “21 point Preventative Maintenance Checkup”

6 Reason you should consider getting gutter guards.

Gutters play an important role in maintaining a homes structural integrity.   They channel rainwater, from the roof, away from your home protecting your home from water damage. Everything need protection, even gutters.  Have you heard of a gutter guard? Gutter guards are used to prevent fallen leaves, twigs and debris from going inside the gutters.Continue reading “6 Reason you should consider getting gutter guards.”

Spring Maintenance Checklist

1.  Spring time means spring cleaning; removing unwanted items and debris from attics, closets and storage area. Doing a full clean of your home, such as windows, walls, appliances, bathrooms, kitchen and so on;  allows you to properly inspection your home and property for repairs and maintenance. Don’t get lazy, take your time, this couldContinue reading “Spring Maintenance Checklist”


1. Frequent Surges Electrical surges result from a number of things. Summer storms and damaged power lines. Sometimes, even the power company is to blame. A surge happens when there’s a massive jump in charge inside the power lines. This increases the potential electrical energy, which increases the current to your outlet. Boom! Your TV’sContinue reading “10 MOST COMMON ELECTRICAL PROBLEMS AT HOME”

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