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21 point Preventative Maintenance Checkup
  1. Check refrigerant pressures and look for visible oil leaks around condenser and evap coil
  2. Calculate sub-cooling and superheat in the system.
  3. Check motor and pulleys, lubricate bearings on blower shafts if needed.
  4. If the motor has grease cert, add grease to bearings.
  5. Ensure bearings have no side to side play and smooth rotation.
  6. Check belts for wear, cracks or fraying. Align belts and pulleys as needed along with tension belts.
  7. Measure motor amperages on compressor, condenser fan motor and blower motor.
  8. Verify proper CFM settings on variable speed blower motors and condenser fan motors.
  9. Check compressor terminals and electrical connections and tighten connections if needed.
  10. Check contractor contacts for pitting or signs of overheating.
  11. Inspect disconnect box for damage or signs of overheating.
  12. Check expansion valves and bulbs.
  13. Measure evaporator temperature drop: make adjustments for optimal cooling performance.
  14. Clear condensate drains secure drain lines and verify proper termination point.
  15. Inspect safety shut off switch and condensate drains.
  16. Check and verify operation of pressure switches and safety devices for compressor and air handler
  17. Measure capacitance of capacitors.
  18. Washing condensing coil.
  19. Check air filters. Wash permanent filters.
  20. Check thermostat settings, temperature display and programming.
  21. Check supply and return temperatures
  22. Cycle equipment at the thermostat.
  23. Check overall operation and make adjustments necessary for the maximum efficiency of air conditioning equipment

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