Spring Maintenance Checklist

1.  Spring time means spring cleaning; removing unwanted items and debris from attics, closets and storage area. Doing a full clean of your home, such as windows, walls, appliances, bathrooms, kitchen and so on;  allows you to properly inspection your home and property for repairs and maintenance. Don’t get lazy, take your time, this could take up to a month depending upon your home’s size and work schedule.  Make a list and cross off each accomplishment and don’t forget to treat yourself,  new bedroom curtains or bedding is a nice start.

 2.  After making the inside of your home clutter free and fresh,  it’s time to tackle the outside. Get the lawn mower ready(tuned up/ blades sharpened), aerate, fertilize and seed your grass. Spring is the perfect time for perennials, so make sure you get some curb appeal in the ground that will give you years of pleasure making you the apple of the neighborhood. Perennials come back each year and are very easy to maintenance. 

3.  Trim those stubborn trees that may threaten  your roof or reduce  landscape growth.  Don’t forget to mulch to keep  moisture in your landscape for successful vegetation growth.  Spring is a great time to plant priennals and aerate, spray and seed lawn.  A beautiful landscaping starts with hard work in the spring.

4.  Clean gutters, and remove fallen leaves from around your home and landscaping. Cleaning your gutters at least twice a year is a great way to prevent roof leaks.

5. Check your homes plumbing(under sinks, toilets, and fixtures.  Take a slow walk around  your property to observer the foundations, walls, and sidewalks for cracks and spot where water can buildup.  If you have a pool make sure you get it cleaned and serviced as well.

 6. Let’s not forget to wash your home, driveway and deck, over time they build up sediment that could harm your paint or stained deck. If you notice any cracked, chipped, or peeled paint; it may be time to consider painting your home. Paint protects your home from the weather, animals, decay,  mold, and insects. Decks also need cleaned, restained and sealed if showing signs of damage.

7. Spring is a great time for new projects. Projects that increase your quality of life as well as add value to your home, such as a pool or outdoor living  space for a retreat or hangouts, landscaping, new paint, light fixtures and so on.

8. Check air conditioning and furnace, remove debris from around condenser and clean the condenser coils.  Change filters, and before turning on the air conditioning get a Preventative Maintenance Checkup.

9. Before I forget, check smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors, because your safety is essential. 

Don’t worry about all the hard work this spring, summer fun is just around the corner. I hope you enjoy many years to come from your home and future projects.  If you are in need of professional support or help, don’t hesitate, give us a call at (405) 921-7032.

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After 15 years of experience in building maintenance, an Associate's in hvac, and countless hours working for the competition. I took my acquired set of skills and knowledge, combined with a awesome group of certified professionals to form Elite Property Maintenance LLC. I would love to share with you what we know in home maintenance and improvement, saving you time and money. Life is about doing what you love. I love helping people, solving problems and creating a better world. Let's create a better world together.

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