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Greatness comes from the company that you keep.  Success is the result, of consistently practicing greatness. — Timothy Anderson


People think, saving money and making money is an art. The art, is in who you know. Knowing the right people can save you time,  money, and frustration.  Having a knowledgeable, dependable and professional service tech at your disposal is priceless. And also hard to find.

Elite Property Maintenance, would love to be the expert, you call on, for your hvac, electrical and plumbing needs.

We have a low service fee, competitive prices with guaranteed, quality products and services. No need to worry,  we also have 24hr Emergency Response,  because time is money. We never expect an appliance to malfunction but when it does, time is an essence.  From troubleshooting a furnace in the winter to replacing a hot water tank in the middle of the night.  Equipment wears with use, CHOOSE a team of technicians that will respond to your needs, no matter the time. While you rest asleep , we will be working no stop, for your families safety and comfort. sketch-1553107603131

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After 15 years of experience in building maintenance, an Associate's in hvac, and countless hours working for the competition. I took my acquired set of skills and knowledge, combined with a awesome group of certified professionals to form Elite Property Maintenance LLC. I would love to share with you what we know in home maintenance and improvement, saving you time and money. Life is about doing what you love. I love helping people, solving problems and creating a better world. Let's create a better world together.

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